The Consequences of Artificial Intelligence

The rise of artificial intelligence is both looked upon with great expectations and with great fear. It has also raised a lot of questions. Will AI usher in a new age of prosperity for mankind, will it herald in the beginning of the end of modern human civilization, or maybe a mix of both? WhatContinue reading “The Consequences of Artificial Intelligence”

UberEntrepreneur: Uber Indonesia’s New-Found Support for Entrepreneurial Drivers

Uber┬áis taking on a new approach to creating shared value and enriching the communities they serve. By: Siti Asylla Mulia Founded in 2011 by a Harvard Business School graduate,Nadiem Makarim, Go-Jek has established itself as the primary ride sharing, food delivery service and errand services app in Indonesia. Some of the errand services provided rangeContinue reading “UberEntrepreneur: Uber Indonesia’s New-Found Support for Entrepreneurial Drivers”