Food for All

By: Sunny Zhao If you’re hungry late at night and want to get something to eat at a great price, Food for All might have just the solution. Restaurants frequently find themselves throwing out otherwise perfectly fine food at the end of the day. Over time this results in huge food waste costs. Food forContinue reading “Food for All”

Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum

By: Dennis Karpovitch Over the past few weeks, BizTech members have had the chance to attend a few different conferences that offered insights into innovation and emerging technologies. Here’s what they saw! Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum In September, BizTech attended the Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship forum in Santa Clara, California. The conference openedContinue reading “Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum”

What really is disruptive innovation?

A look into what it means to be disruptive, and why rational investors don’t like it. ​By: Michelle Foun BOSTON, MA. “Be the next disruptor”, those are the first words you’ll see when you visit, but what does it really mean? We all have a bit of an idea; we definitely hear it enoughContinue reading “What really is disruptive innovation?”