What’s in Store for 2019

  With the new year comes new opportunities and BizTech has been hard at work preparing for a busy semester full of events and workshops. On the very first day of classes we hit the ground running with Accenture. They came in and told us more about their internship programs for this coming summer. NextContinue reading “What’s in Store for 2019”

The A.I. Brain Drain

What will happen to the development of A.I. when all the researchers are working in the private sector? By: Jack Sawyer As the race to conquer artificial intelligence ramps up, technology companies are luring in A.I. researchers with massive paychecks in order to get a foot up on the competition. Google, Facebook, and Apple areContinue reading “The A.I. Brain Drain”

Google Campus Tour [10/26/17]

A look back on Biztech’s experience on the Google campus tour . By: Jeff Chen Last Thursday, a few lucky Biztech members had the incredible opportunity to visit the Google office in Cambridge. A while back, I remember watching a comedy movie called the¬†Internship¬†featuring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, working as two 40 year oldContinue reading “Google Campus Tour [10/26/17]”