Digital Banking

By: Bill Tan With the recent development in Fintech, an uprising area – Digital banking – is attracting more interests from the general public due to a millennial shift towards online banking. Digital banking is a sector within Fintech. Often, the term “digital banking” is misunderstood with online banking or mobile banking. Online banking usuallyContinue reading “Digital Banking”

Blockchain: How it Affects Legal Liability

This article was originally published on The blockchain is seen by some people as a revolutionary or disruptive development in the field of financial technology today. For some people in this industry, these digital ledgers are viewed as a gateway or foundation to more innovations in the field. While the consensus is still outContinue reading “Blockchain: How it Affects Legal Liability”

MIT Fintech Conference [03/10/18]

By: Dennis Karpovitch The MIT Fintech Conference was filled with brilliant ideas for the future of financial technology. The event featured many top executives in the Fintech industry as well as several entrepreneurs who pitched their ideas in a start-up competition for funding. We know that Fintech is growing at an exponential pace in manyContinue reading “MIT Fintech Conference [03/10/18]”

Bitcoin and the Rise of Cryptocurrency

What is cryptocurrency, and why it is the future. By: Ryan Mook Bitcoin, probably the most well-known cryptocurrency, has seen considerable progress since its inception in 2009 – currently trading at upwards of $3,000 per coin. But will Bitcoin, or any other of the 900 cryptocurrencies be enough to mount a future takeover of ourContinue reading “Bitcoin and the Rise of Cryptocurrency”