The A.I. Brain Drain

What will happen to the development of A.I. when all the researchers are working in the private sector? By: Jack Sawyer As the race to conquer artificial intelligence ramps up, technology companies are luring in A.I. researchers with massive paychecks in order to get a foot up on the competition. Google, Facebook, and Apple areContinue reading “The A.I. Brain Drain”

Examining the Future of Wearable Health Trackers

With a projected annual growth of 55% in the technology industry, comes a society entirely equipped with wearable technology.  By: Nolan Kim Initial glimpses of a wearable device trace back to 1472 as Leonardo da Vinci sketched a tool used to calculate the distance troops covered by foot. His outline formed the conceptual basis ofContinue reading “Examining the Future of Wearable Health Trackers”