The Future of Artificial Intelligence

By Chris Wong As technology becomes more and more advanced, artificial intelligence is becoming smarter and more advanced.  Current pop culture has framed artificial intelligence as robots with sinister intentions such as the cyborgs from the terminator movies, artificial intelligence can be as basic as Google’s search algorithm.  Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, isContinue reading “The Future of Artificial Intelligence”

Deep Learning Explained

By: Christian Metzger Artificial intelligence is easily the hottest trend in tech at the moment. Businesses have been collecting useless data for years, hoping that some day they will have the means to analyze it effectively and glean valuable insights. Now, they are finally starting to gain access to artificial intelligence that can see trendsContinue reading “Deep Learning Explained”

Book Review: Life 3.0

Despite AI gaining a lot of buzz for its wide applications, MIT professor Max Tegmark took a step back and investigated the philosophical implications of artificial intelligence and how it will shape society in the future.​ By: Bryan Tseng In Nate Silver’s famous book, The Signal and the Noise, Silver famously pointed out the emerging technologyContinue reading “Book Review: Life 3.0”

The Consequences of Artificial Intelligence

The rise of artificial intelligence is both looked upon with great expectations and with great fear. It has also raised a lot of questions. Will AI usher in a new age of prosperity for mankind, will it herald in the beginning of the end of modern human civilization, or maybe a mix of both? WhatContinue reading “The Consequences of Artificial Intelligence”

The A.I. Brain Drain

What will happen to the development of A.I. when all the researchers are working in the private sector? By: Jack Sawyer As the race to conquer artificial intelligence ramps up, technology companies are luring in A.I. researchers with massive paychecks in order to get a foot up on the competition. Google, Facebook, and Apple areContinue reading “The A.I. Brain Drain”