Mind Uploading: Digital Immortality

By: Sunny Zhao Mind uploading is the theoretical process of scanning one’s mental state, including memories and “self”, and copying it to a computer. The computer can then run a simulation of the brain’s information processing such that it is indistinguishable from the real brain and experiences having a conscious mind. The simulation could resideContinue reading “Mind Uploading: Digital Immortality”

Altering Memory

A preview to a topic being presented at the next Biztech general meeting. By: Sunny Zhao How good is your memory? Can you recall things from your childhood? From last month? Can you remember what you ate for breakfast today? Do you set reminders to do important things because you’re afraid you’ll forget to? FacedContinue reading “Altering Memory”

The Two-Hour Marathon

The human body at its purest state alone is restricted, yet technology continues to elevate the threshold of our physical capabilities. Will we ever fail to bridge the gap between our current standards and the seemingly impossible? By: Nolan Kim Most trends of improvement tend to rise exponentially during the initial learning process, then level-offContinue reading “The Two-Hour Marathon”

Examining the Future of Wearable Health Trackers

With a projected annual growth of 55% in the technology industry, comes a society entirely equipped with wearable technology.  By: Nolan Kim Initial glimpses of a wearable device trace back to 1472 as Leonardo da Vinci sketched a tool used to calculate the distance troops covered by foot. His outline formed the conceptual basis ofContinue reading “Examining the Future of Wearable Health Trackers”