What is Net Neutrality?

Did you know this about net neutrality… By:¬†Akshay Pardiwala To provide some background, net neutrality was introduced just two years ago mandating that internet service providers (ISPs) must treat all data on the internet the same. Now the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), with a chairman appointed by President Trump, Ajit Pai, will vote to removeContinue reading “What is Net Neutrality?”

The Social Media Election

Social Media may help us connect with people across borders, but the breaking down of borders is being misused and it needs to be fixed. By: Akshay Pardiwala In an ever growing world of the internet, it is hard to define borders. This could be a good thing, social media can help connect friends andContinue reading “The Social Media Election”

Blocking Telegram – Will Russia’s Internet Take Another Hit of Censorship?

What is Telegram and what role does it play in maintaining a free internet? By: Alex Vardanyan As Russia comes closer to the 2018 presidential election, we receive more and more news of internet censorship. This week Moscow district court fined the messenger app Telegram 800,000 rubles ($14,000) for refusing to obey orders from theContinue reading “Blocking Telegram – Will Russia’s Internet Take Another Hit of Censorship?”

Equifax – Time to Rethink Data Security

In light of the recent Equifax data breach, we must take a step back to address and understand how these leaks arise, what we can do to prevent them and hold company’s accountable when things go wrong. By: Akshay Pardiwala Personal data has fueled marketing efforts enabling businesses to target certain customer bases by performingContinue reading “Equifax – Time to Rethink Data Security”