GDPR: What You Need To Know

This article was originally published on Considered the most important development in data privacy regulation in two decades, the General Data Protection Regulation or GPDR has taken effect on May 25, 2018. The regulation was up for debate for four years before it was approved in 2016, with the enforcement date set this year. This means that organizations whoContinue reading “GDPR: What You Need To Know”

Blockchain: How it Affects Legal Liability

This article was originally published on The blockchain is seen by some people as a revolutionary or disruptive development in the field of financial technology today. For some people in this industry, these digital ledgers are viewed as a gateway or foundation to more innovations in the field. While the consensus is still outContinue reading “Blockchain: How it Affects Legal Liability”

Investors Listen Up: Blockchain is the Future!

By: Slice Capital “Great bubbles occur around stories that are going to happen,” said Mike Novogratz, a former hedge fund manager at Fortress Investment Group.While many potential investors are skeptical about the recent cryptocurrency bubble and concerned about fraudulent activities, they miss the point: blockchain is the future! Despite Bitcoin’s massive price drop, probably dueContinue reading “Investors Listen Up: Blockchain is the Future!”

MIT Venture Capital and Innovation Conference [02/09/18]

By: Dennis Karpovitch ​The MIT Venture Capital and Innovation Conference was the place to be for anyone with an idea looking to kick start their business. The conference hosted multiple speakers and panels of professionals who discussed a variety of topic ranging from artificial intelligence and blockchain to design thinking and raising venture capital. WhileContinue reading “MIT Venture Capital and Innovation Conference [02/09/18]”

Is Blockchain the Future?

Blockchain has quickly become one of the most revolutionary technological innovations with limitless possibilities. How will it shape our future? By: Dennis Karpovitch What is a Blockchain? A blockchain is a decentralized, digitized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. A chain grows as completed blocks (transactions) are recorded and added in chronological order which allowsContinue reading “Is Blockchain the Future?”