MIT Venture Capital and Innovation Conference [02/09/18]

By: Dennis Karpovitch ‚ÄčThe MIT Venture Capital and Innovation Conference was the place to be for anyone with an idea looking to kick start their business. The conference hosted multiple speakers and panels of professionals who discussed a variety of topic ranging from artificial intelligence and blockchain to design thinking and raising venture capital. WhileContinue reading “MIT Venture Capital and Innovation Conference [02/09/18]”

Is Blockchain the Future?

Blockchain has quickly become one of the most revolutionary technological innovations with limitless possibilities. How will it shape our future? By: Dennis Karpovitch What is a Blockchain? A blockchain is a decentralized, digitized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. A chain grows as completed blocks (transactions) are recorded and added in chronological order which allowsContinue reading “Is Blockchain the Future?”

Bitcoin and the Rise of Cryptocurrency

What is cryptocurrency, and why it is the future. By: Ryan Mook Bitcoin, probably the most well-known cryptocurrency, has seen considerable progress since its inception in 2009 – currently trading at upwards of $3,000 per coin. But will Bitcoin, or any other of the 900 cryptocurrencies be enough to mount a future takeover of ourContinue reading “Bitcoin and the Rise of Cryptocurrency”