What are we sacrificing for the Internet of Things?

By: Hanako Kawasaki The modern world has shifted towards using electronic devices by giving individuals the ability to communicate and exchange information instantaneously with one another over cyberspace. This phenomenon is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). The power of IoT in our daily lives is massive, with the accessible network constantly expanding. FromContinue reading “What are we sacrificing for the Internet of Things?”

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

By Chris Wong As technology becomes more and more advanced, artificial intelligence is becoming smarter and more advanced.  Current pop culture has framed artificial intelligence as robots with sinister intentions such as the cyborgs from the terminator movies, artificial intelligence can be as basic as Google’s search algorithm.  Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, isContinue reading “The Future of Artificial Intelligence”

Self Driving Cars

By Jakob Katzman In recent years, we’ve seen a shift in innovation centered around automating processes: food delivery services, streaming services, and household cleaning robots are just a few examples of innovation centering around taking the human capital out of tasks that would normally require them. The next step in this is self-driving cars: vehiclesContinue reading “Self Driving Cars”