A letter from the President

Welcome to the BU Business & Technology Club – also known as BizTech. We are very excited for this academic year with new and old members alike, and we guarantee an eventful year. We all share a passion for new and innovative technologies and its impact on the business world. Now more than ever, integrating a digital strategy and investing in new technology is vital to any business in order to stay competitive in this rapidly changing market.

We focus on three goals to support our students. We expose students to the biggest and best companies, careers and technologies in the industry today. We serve to prepare students for the future by giving them the foundations to build their knowledge base through methods they might not find in the classroom. This includes exclusive corporate events, technical learning workshops and outings, and our technology newspaper. We also undertake a semester long project focused on creating improvements throughout the BU IT components affecting students. With the help of BU faculty, we are able to guide our students successfully to create meaningful changes on campus by letting them practice their skills in a supportive environment.

If you are a student interested in joining BizTech, you are more than welcome to attend any of our general meetings or events.  You may also email biztech@bu.edu or check us out on Facebook to learn more. If you are a company or professional interested in working with us, feel free to email me at jdoshi@bu.edu or biztech@bu.edu. On behalf of the Executive Board, I thank you for your interest in BizTech and we hope to see you at one of our events!

Jainam Doshi, President


Jainam is the President of BizTech. This will be his third year with BizTech and second year on the Executive Board. His previous role on the board was Director of Operations. He is a senior in Questrom, concentrating in Finance and Management Information Systems.  This summer, he interned at Goldman Sachs in New York City with the Commodities Sales and Trading Services. His favorite movie quote comes from 22 Jump Street, “My name is Jeff.” His favorite part of Boston University so far has been the football games.

Dennis Karpovitch, Vice President


Dennis is the Vice President of BizTech. He is a sophomore in Questrom, studying Finance and Information Systems with a minor in Computer Science. This is his second year with BizTech. Over the summer, he worked with a tech start-up called Expese to learn about data analysis and website design. His favorite sources of world news are Vice and BBC. His most spontaneous adventure a trip to California (from the East Coast) for only one day. His favorite part of college so far has been meeting new people.​

Ashni Shah, Director of Operations


Ashni is the Director of Operations for BizTech. She is from Kenya and is a junior studying Computer Science with a minor in Business. She is also a part of Global App Initiative. The most exciting thing she’s ever done is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Serena Nair, Director of Finance


Serena is the Director of Finance for BizTech. She is a junior, majoring in economics with minors in business & computer science. This is her second year with BizTech. Previously, Serena took the role of Director of Marketing. She’s currently the president of Eye2Eye and is a part of the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity. She’s also on the BU Figure Skating Team. Over the summer, she worked for a telecommunications company as a Cable & Wireless Communications intern. The coolest thing she has done is zip-line upside down through a jungle. Before she graduates, Serena wants to raise awareness in equality for gender and sexuality on campus.

Briana Le, Director of Marketing

briana le

Briana is the Director of Marketing for Biztech. She is from San Jose, California and transferred last fall as a sophomore into Questrom concentrating in Information Systems and Marketing. She also represents the Sophomore’s Class Vice President of Marketing for Questrom’s Student Government. The most spontaneous thing she has ever done was book a trip to Singapore within three weeks! If her life was a movie, Tina from Bob’s Burger would play her. Also, her favorite line from a movie is “Why so serious?”

Sunny Zhao, Tech Talk Coordinator


Sunny is the Tech Talk Coordinator of BizTech. He is a sophomore from New York City and is studying Management Information Systems and Finance at Questrom. He joined BizTech to be a part of a community that is enthusiastic about business and technology. He is particularly interested in artificial intelligence and how it can change society.

Bryan Tseng, Project Manager


Bryan is the Project Manager of Biztech. He is a Junior at Boston University studying Biochemistry and Economics. He has been with Biztech for more than a year. Bryan spent his summer shadowing a physician and is on the pre-health track. Fun fact: Bryan didn’t graduate elementary school.