Food for All

By: Sunny Zhao

If you’re hungry late at night and want to get something to eat at a great price, Food for All might have just the solution.

Restaurants frequently find themselves throwing out otherwise perfectly fine food at the end of the day. Over time this results in huge food waste costs. Food for All is a startup that is trying to address this issue by providing a way for restaurants to save money and offer customers last-minute meals at cheaper prices.

Food for All has created an app where customers can buy and pick up unsold food from restaurants for at least 50% off. This pickup window is usually one hour before the restaurant closes. David Rodriguez, the CEO of Food for All, has said that this new platform will provide extra revenue to restaurants, help the environment by reducing food waste, and it’s an awesome way for people to get great deals on delicious meals.

food for all 2

They’ve partnered with over 200 restaurants in the Greater Boston area and NYC. Some of these restaurants include: Boloco, Chicken & Rice Guys, Red Apple Farm, El Jefe’s Taqueria, Persi Pies, and Tom’s Bao Bao.

food for all 3

Beginning in 2016, Food for All has grown rapidly. They raised $50,000 in a Kickstarter campaign which demonstrated major public support for their mission. The startup has also participated in the MassChallenge and last October they took home the grand prize at HUBweek’s Demo Day Pitch Competition, winning a check for $10,000. They are currently working on their seed round funding which will likely close in the next few months.

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