DSP x BizTech: Technology in the New Age – Questrom School of Business

By: Dennis Karpovitch

Over the past few weeks, BizTech members have had the chance to attend a few different conferences that offered insights into innovation and emerging technologies. Here’s what they saw!

DSP x BizTech: Technology in the New Age – Questrom School of Business

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The first annual Technology in the New Age conference attracted many Boston University students interested in the intersection of business and technology. Antoine Shagoury, CIO of State Street, opened the conference with insights and prospective visions for our digital future. He highlighted the exponential growth of the human information database and the vast repositories of unstructured data that offer value to anyone able to analyze it. Augmented assistance, embedded intelligence, and quantum computing enable a multidimensional approach to platform capability as cognitive overlays allow automated systems to compute a high volume of information in a short time. The early days of the technology revolution focused on the liquidity of information: the free flow of information among multiple tools and appliances for cross functionality. Now, the advent of artificial intelligence has led to a race to interpret deep data that will be fueled by the 5G revolution. Information will now become more ubiquitous than ever, so the normalization and enrichment of raw data will set a new priority.

After the opening keynote speech, the conference broke down into several workshop sessions. The Excel seminars sought to improve students’ data analysis skills by showing them how to effectively use the software. Other workshops focused on how technology can enable productivity, how data is being used in investments, and how the future of recruiting is changing with social media.


One highlight was the case workshop with Janice Lee, a consultant at Accenture. Accenture was hired by Adidas to see whether or not 2-day free shipping would increase Adidas’ revenues. Janice broke the case down piece by piece, starting with the need to define a clear hypothesis. She discussed different frameworks Accenture uses such as Porter’s 5 Forces and Issue Tree Analysis, various testing methods such as AB Website Testing, and the importance of communication in a consulting role. At the end, she offered insights on the optimal level of questions to ask, how IT consulting differs from Financial consulting, and the importance of case interview practice in preparing for real management consulting.

During the final keynote speech, Akash Modi, CEO of Expese, challenged students to never settle in an ever-changing technological world. He highlighted the growth of digital businesses and the abundance of opportunities enabled by the internet. As an entrepreneur, Akash talked about his own experience in creating start ups and how he pivoted from a physical brick-and-mortar store to an online service. Expese is founded on the principle that technology should be experienced with ease, so its subscription-based model allows customers to try a variety of new gadgets without ever leaving their home or buying the product. Although competing with established companies may seem daunting, start-ups like Expese are challenging the status quo and disrupting entire industries. Technology in the New Age will revolutionize the way we live and allow us to create innovative solutions to future problems.

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