Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum

By: Dennis Karpovitch

Over the past few weeks, BizTech members have had the chance to attend a few different conferences that offered insights into innovation and emerging technologies. Here’s what they saw!

Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum

In September, BizTech attended the Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship forum in Santa Clara, California. The conference opened up with a Global Blockchain Summit that gathered experts from around the world to share knowledge, trends, and insights on Blockchain. The discussion was optimistic about the future applications of this breakthrough technology in trusted digital registration and the decentralized exchange of just about anything.


Keynote topics varied from Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security to Venture Capital and Innovation, but one notable speaker was Richard Lie, CEO of the Sino-Singapore Innovation Park Development Company in Chengdu. His talk focused around a vision to develop a high-end industrial and residential township that would feature an AI Innovation Centre and the Life Science Incubation Park. By bringing Singaporean companies and their employees to the same place, it will be easier for them to communicate and exchange information whether they are in consulting, finance, services or design. This is one of several private sector-led, government supported projects that Singapore has in China, but it will create a high-tech society on the forefront of innovation. In about two years, the township should take shape and gradually see more people living and working in Chengdu.

(Aside) The initiative for creating an innovative community has been undertaken by many leaders around the world including Jeffrey Berns, CEO of Blockchains LLC. Berns imagines a vast experimental community governed by a distributed collaborative entity would operate on a blockchain where everyone’s ownership rights and voting powers will be recorded in a digital wallet for that community. While this is way beyond the accomplishments of blockchain presented in the conference, people like Berns aren’t discouraged (New York Times).

The conference also featured a high tech venture exhibition for start-ups and investors to display their products. Here were some of the highlights:

Dreamworld presented its Dream Glass, one of the most cutting-edge yet affordable AR technologies available to the public. Dream Glass is designed for mobile platforms and is one of the first headsets to offer a 90 degree optical-see-through field of view with natural hand gesture interaction. When trying out the product, the headset was very light and the projections were incredibly clear, so the whole experience amazingly smooth. Dreamworld believes in the value of Tech for People and player on the frontier of augmented reality.


AISense presented A terrific speech recognition and natural language processing technology that records human conversations. AISense’s flagship product is the first in the world that can take meeting notes and share the transcript in real time. It can also distinguish between speakers and label each one in the text feed. SVIEF 2018 and TechCrunch Disrupt 2018 both selected as the exclusive voice app to provide live transcription for all speeches and panels.


Anki presented Cozmo, a mini robot that can adapt to its environment and has a personality of its own. Anki is a robotics and A.I. company that creates unique consumer robots with cutting-edge technology that was once confined to robotics labs and research institutes. The company employs multidisciplinary teams of top roboticists, film animators, engineers, and game developers in order to bring objects to life through robotics and artificial intelligence, ultimately allowing people to build relationships with technology that feel a little more human.

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