Bumble Bizz: A First Look

Bumble, the female-first dating app, is taking on a whole new side of the spectrum: business. ​
By Alison Su


Bumble, the female-first dating app, is taking on a whole new side of the spectrum: business. With just a swipe, Bumble users are able to network with professionals and employees within the same distance. Similar to its dating and friendship components, this app feature seeks to make networking a whole lot easier and efficient.

To use Bumble Bizz, users create a resume that is linked to their user profile. You can upload your education, experiences, bio, and write about the opportunities you are seeking, whether it’s an internship or job. Similar to a LinkedIn, the app allows you to include skill that would be valuable for anyone seeking potential employees. While Bumble Bizz is accessed within the Bumble app, its purpose is for general network, mentoring, and job seeking. It utilizes the same features in the dating and friendship platform with the swiping approach: swipe right on those you are interested in connecting with and left to pass.


As a student in Questrom who is always looking for business opportunities, I downloaded the app to check it out for myself. As a brand that empowers women to make the first move, Bumble Bizz aligns with this business value by encouraging young woman to act first in a professional environment by sending a message in order to connect with other Bizz users. By letting women choose who they want to network with, Bumble is reinforcing its “girl-power” brand image.

While the app allows users to build relationship with potential mentors, the app does not have the same function like LinkedIn. For those seeking immediate job opportunities, Bumble Bizz may not be the place to look; but instead, the app emphasizes mentoring, rather than for job searching or recruiting. Although it does not necessarily secure you a job, the app instantly connects you with others in similar fields of interest and gives you the opportunity to expand your network.

Bumble Bizz is available in the U.S, UK, France, Germany, and Canada will be available on Android on October 18th.

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